Advertising Plan

Advertising Plan

Describe the current advertising and promotion for Powerade. You must apply advertising management ideas.

research about the company, product, competition, and industry and how they created an effective advertising. Therefore, use of solid and complete information and inclusion of an appropriate reference list is required.

If you fail to use information in books or trade publications and restrict your research to convenient but limited web searches, you can expect your grade on the project and therefore for the course to be reduced.

I am only responsible for two components of the project: Must be 5 pages (not including tables or figures). Write about these 2 components: 

1)  Description of the target audience:  (Powerade’s target market focuses on bodybuilders and serious athletes. The target audiece is now shifting torwards more mainstram athletes. Powerade is sold across the globe including the US, UK, Australia, etc!)

2)  Concise review of the ad objective : (The newest advertising campaign is focusing on a shift from a previous campaign called “Just a Kid” which was targeting the beginning of an athletes career to now advertising a new campain targeting power and will celebrate the drink in powerful sporting moments.)

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