How to Write an Argumentative Essay

An argumentative essay is a piece of academic writing that uses logical support and factual evidence to convince the audience of a certain perspective. Though several types of essays have the objective of persuading the readers to support or see things from a precise perspective, argumentative essays heavily depend on tangible evidence, references from other […]

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An argumentative essay is a piece of academic writing that uses logical support and factual evidence to convince the audience of a certain perspective. Though several types of essays have the objective of persuading the readers to support or see things from a precise perspective, argumentative essays heavily depend on tangible evidence, references from other sources, and studies to prove that they make the best argument.

Argumentative essays should not always be combative or aggressive. Instead, it derives its name from the argument style, where the writers present comprehensive research to both support their claims and invalidate the opposing point of view. When writing an argumentative essay, always remember that the objective is to showcase that your thesis is the only logical reference and conclusion. Thus, Acemyhomework Writers is happy and dedicated to teaching you how to write an argumentative essay.

What Is an Argumentative Essay?

An argumentative essay is an essay that aims at persuading the readers to agree with a particular point of view. It uses pieces of evidence that are based on facts and logic that prove unquestionable to show that the thesis is true. The key point is that an argumentative essay leaves no room for doubt that the thesis is accurate.

Guide on How to Write an Argumentative Essay

You might probably be wondering where to start when tasked to write an argumentative essay. You must be ready to conduct comprehensive research to support all your claims. If you do not have time for research, here at Acemyhomework Writers, we have experts who will help you get the best argumentative essay and score the best grade.

The following are key tips you can use on how to write an argumentative essay:

  1. Pick an arguable topic that appeals to you
  2. Take a stand on the topic, and create a thesis statement
  3. Know your audience
  4. Present convincing and clear evidence
  5. Write a draft of the essay
  6. Editing and proofreading your drafts

ü  Pick an Arguable Topic That Appeals to You

Always make sure that the topic you select is neither too broad to warrant a dissertation nor too limited to make it a discussion post. Ensure you know the goal of the paper. What is your objective? What view, idea, or opinion do you want to prove? Always articulate your objective clearly before you start writing. Selecting a topic that interests you will motivate you to research. Writing on a subject that you understand creates a conducive environment throughout the writing process. Embrace creativity and prepare enough before you begin writing. Additionally, your topic should be straightforward.

ü  Take A Stand on The Topic, and Create A Thesis Statement

You must have an arguable thesis as it must deny or assert something about your topic. To ensure that you are arguable, ensure that there is a probability of your thesis being true. However, the thesis statement should not be generally accepted to be true, it must be a statement that some people agree with while others disagree with. Note that the thesis must contain an opinion and an observation. One of the best ways to gauge the strength of your thesis is to examine if it bears a strong antithesis.

Below are some common pitfalls of a thesis:

  • A thesis with words that contain faulty generalizations such as always, all, everyone, none, etc.
  • A thesis expressed as a fragment
  • A thesis that deals with a trite or stale subject
  • A thesis that contains extraneous information
  • A broad thesis
  • A thesis that begins with in my opinion or I think.

Tips for writing a thesis statement:

  • Write your thesis statement on an index card and ensure it’s in your vicinity as you research and note all the important points. Having your thesis close helps, you keep focus on your research areas.
  • A good thesis changes as you keep working on your topic. Research, brainstorm, think, and talk about the topic before writing the thesis. In case you are having trouble writing a thesis, begin freewriting since it helps suggest a thesis you can work with.

ü  Know Your Audience

Always know the target audience. by so doing, you will be in a position to know the complexity of your vocabulary. A more sophisticated topic requires a different approach and presentation.

ü  Present Convincing and Clear Evidence

A strong argumentative essay entails reason supported by evidence. Reason is the main thought that supports the thesis or claim. Therefore, to make all your claims successful and validate all your arguments, support all your reasons with enough evidence. The following are some evidence you can use:

  • Cases
  • Facts
  • Textual evidence
  • Statistics
  • Scenarios
  • authorities

Write A Draft of The Essay

Just like any other academic essay, you should write several drafts of your argumentative essay. You should make sure your argumentative essay has the following when revising your drafts:

  • Include the right transitions to allow the teacher to follow the arguments easily.
  • Correct and address any fallacies of logic
  • Pay precise attention to the organization of the essay. Ensure that the structure suits the audience and the topic.
  • Provide sufficient evidence, present them fairly and logically

ü  Edit and Proofread Your Drafts

After writing and completing your draft, embrace the hat of a reader. Carefully read through the essay and critically identify the grammatical errors and sentence structures. Exchange a draft of your essay with a classmate or a student ahead of your class so they can also read and identify any mistakes you could have failed to identify.

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