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Need a 400 words + diagram. writer will do 400 words analysis for :  the various aspects of the exchange process (the market, the agents involved, the equilibrium outcome), and topic chosed:

1)Crude Oil Price Fluctuations between 1998-2017 Crude oil is an energy source that is integral to production processes across the economy. However, over the last two decades, crude oil prices have fluctuated quite considerably. Perform an economic analysis of this phenomenon in the market for crude oil. Explain why prices have fluctuated in the last two decades. Include in your answer the welfare implications of these price changes. pls give us a fast work.

2) Green-House Gas Emissions and Climate Change
The issue of green-house gas emissions and climate change has received a lot of media attention over the last decade. While some countries have taken steps to tackle this issue, others have chosen not to respond. Perform an economic analysis of this phenomenon and its welfare implications. Include in your answer the scope of government intervention in tackling this issue. Get Economics homework help today

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