How To Write A PICOT Paper

Whether you are working in a professional medical facility or you are finishing advanced studies in nursing school, all registered nurses begin their research questions using a framework that is based on evidence developed from a comprehensively constructed PICOT question. Since we understand the demand and necessities of these processes, we, Acemyhomework Writers, are determined […]

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Whether you are working in a professional medical facility or you are finishing advanced studies in nursing school, all registered nurses begin their research questions using a framework that is based on evidence developed from a comprehensively constructed PICOT question. Since we understand the demand and necessities of these processes, we, Acemyhomework Writers, are determined to help nurses have an easy time. Thus, we have this guide to take you through how to write a PICOT paper.

What Is A PICOT Paper?

A PICOT paper is a kind of research paper, assigned in disciplines that are related to healthcare and in nursing schools with the objective of exploring a research query in a structured form. PICOT is an acronym that stands for patient, population or problem, intervention, comparison, outcome, and timeframe.

Most PICOT papers are on topics that are determined beforehand. Usually, your professor will provide a population or problem and ask you to establish a PICOT hypothesis or PICOT in relation to it. Thereafter, you will utilize the available literature to examine the various outcomes as a result of the intervention you are analyzing. Therefore, you will be tasked to collect the results of several studies regarding your intervention and results as possible in order to answer the various queries at the core of the PICOT paper.

Lastly, a PICOT paper is a specially formatted and structured healthcare or nursing research paper that adheres to the model based on the acronym as presented above. Unlike other healthcare and nursing research papers, PICOT papers must follow the PICOT structure and they have to chance to write outside the structure. Writing a successful and comprehensive PICOT paper requires that you write on every element making up the acronym, getting to learn how to write a PICOT paper dictates that you comprehend what the PICOT model is, and to clearly and effectively internalize them.

Elements Of PICOT Query

The following are the elements of the PICOT query:

  • P- (problem, population, patient)
  • I – intervention
  • C- control or comparison
  • O – objective or outcome
  • T- time frame
  • P- (problem, population, patient)

What or who is the population, problem, or patient in question?

  • I – intervention

What are the interventions – treatment or action, that you are considering?

  • C- control or comparison

What are some of the probable interventions that you should consider?

  • O – objective or outcome

What is the expected or desired objective or outcome?

  • T- time frame

How much time are you likely to take to attain the desired results? The question that is formed well makes it relatively straightforward to combine and elicit the relevant terms required to represent your needs for information in the question form.

Guide On How to Write a PICOT Paper

When writing a PICOT paper, one must first focus on the person, population, or problem that is the core of the research. In case this problem or population has been presented to you, writing a PICOT paper simply entails choosing a precise intervention and results, and analyzing the available scholarly literary materials that are significant to the data regarding the connection created by the outcome and intervention.

Writing a PICOT paper entails determining the type of benefits or harm as a result of the intervention that you are analyzing, as gauged by outcomes, in terms of the problem, person, or population you are examining. From this point of view, one must always focus on the PICOT elements when answering the PICOT query.

It is critical that you constantly remember that you must include the problem, person, or population, the suitable intervention, the type of comparison you are making, the results being measured, and the timelines of the whole analysis as you write the PICOT paper. If you coherently incorporate all these elements, you will get a good grade since the objective of a PICOT paper is to educate healthcare professionals and nurses to think about problems that are related to health and ideal interventions.

PICOT papers are common in healthcare and nursing programs; therefore, you need to comprehend and master how to write a PICOT paper. PICOT is a writing model that is standardized and is meant to give you room to clearly think in a systematic manner regarding the various issues in healthcare.

Formatting A PICOT Paper

Just like any other research paper, a PICOT paper takes the same format. Like research papers, a PICOT paper will have a thesis that links the population, person, or problem being researched with the outcome and intervention analysis. The difference between a PICOT paper and a standard research paper is linked to the aspect that you must stick to the PICOT format, touching on all the five aspects of the acronym, when writing a PICOT paper.

A good structure of the PICOT paper entails the acronyms as headings. Normally, nursing programs use APA format and one is required to cite references when writing a PICOT paper unless you are instructed otherwise. It is vital to follow instructions since they play a major role in grading the whole essay.

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