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The assignment requests us to do a deep analysis taking one of the areas studied in the module and applying to our real-world problem. This assignment is academic and must cross-reference the tools in the ppt attached, for international entrepreneurship, the one containing the grainer tool and further expand into other modules taken. I am attaching another ppt with more options such as a matrix tool.


I have chosen my company TEN15NYC, a vacation rental apartment company currently operating in Midtown Manhattan (business plan attached), New York City and I would like to scale the company as product development, as houses in the area of Catskills NY. TEN15NYC today operate 5 apartment units, one single building in NYC Midtown Manhattan, for 8 years at a success rate of over 90%, therefore scaling is the way to go. However, I have a problem, the legislation does not allow the company to scale in NYC and the reason for this is, only specific and very rare to find zoned buildings can operate renting apartments for under 30 days (the similar idea of Airbnb’s been illegal in many states). I am attaching a previous scaling strategy drafted but not executed, as market development, at this assignment as well. Please note, The scaling strategy paper attached has been once submitted academically at another module and the feedback received was that it could have been more academic using tools such as the ansoff matrix tool, so perhaps it is a good idea to add this. We are now focusing on product development NOT market development. Get Marketing homework help today

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