Nursing essay titles

The nursing profession attracts persons interested in anatomy and science and naturally inclined to nurture and care. The desire to help others and empathy makes the profession rewarding. Nevertheless, these qualities may prove extremely taxing on the mental health of the nurses over time. Making reference to Kate Judge, the American Nurses Nation Executive, these […]

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The nursing profession attracts persons interested in anatomy and science and naturally inclined to nurture and care. The desire to help others and empathy makes the profession rewarding. Nevertheless, these qualities may prove extremely taxing on the mental health of the nurses over time. Making reference to Kate Judge, the American Nurses Nation Executive, these matters greatly affect the nurses at the early stages of their careers.  It is for this reason that self-reflection, analysis, and critical thinking skills are required.

Types Of Nursing Papers

Generally, writing in nursing school is confined to the classroom and is rarely revisited after graduation. This does not mean that such writings are not important to nursing students. The following are some of the papers you are likely to encounter during your nursing profession:

Ø  An Expository Nursing Essay

Expository nursing essays aim to explain or inform. Such assignments are often used to verify the knowledge of the students on a given subject matter.

Ø  A Narrative Nursing Essay

A narrative essay provides a story from the first-person point of view. In nursing, such essays are represented by personal statements provided by the nurses.

Ø  A Comparative Nursing Essay

A comparative essay provides an evaluation of various theories, opinions, texts, and approaches to treatments. It provides room for critical evaluation and thinking and gives room to choose between different opinions or suggest a more suitable synthesis.

Ø  A Persuasive Nursing Essay

A persuasive essay builds essential skills for proving and disputing a perspective and prepares students for defending their arguments on federal policies and public health issues.

Ø  A Case Study Nursing Essay

A case study essay encourages active learning by making critical observations on an individual patient and conducting a comprehensive analysis of their symptoms, diagnosis, and medical history.

Ø  A Cause-And-Effect Nursing Essay

A cause-and-effect essay provides room for discussion of the implications of various factors on health and the probability of different circumstances as well as an evaluation of the implications of different treatments.

Nursing Essay Titles

The following are some ideas to explore in your essay as a current or future nursing professional:

Palliative and Geriatrics Care Topics

  1. The role of a nurse in care planning for terminally ill patients.
  2. Importance of the vaccination of the elderly patients
  3. Environmental factors in aging and functional decline
  4. Patients care plans for patients with sensory system changes
  5. COVID-19 comorbidities in elderly
  6. Sexual challenges and health in geriatric patients
  7. Assessing the quality of outpatient care
  8. Exercises for fall prevention in elderly
  9. Pain management in terminal cancer patients
  10. Strategies to help the terminally ill with emotional coping
  11. Tools emerging from technological advancement to monitor patients at home
  12. The strategies and challenges during elderly care and how to mitigate them

Nursing Leadership Topics

  1. Nursing shortages and probable solutions
  2. Inter-departmental collaboration to provide coverage in case of crisis and possible solutions
  3. Negative implications of understaffing on nurses and quality of care provided to patients
  4. Styles of leadership in the emergency room management
  5. HRM matters at a clinic of your choice
  6. Ways to enhance to promote teamwork in healthcare
  7. The role of education in nurse leadership
  8. Career paths from being a nurse to a physician
  9. The essence of a chain of command for the efficiency of care
  10. Gender imbalance in the profession
  11. Qualities of a leader in the nursing profession
  12. Facts contributing to burnout and decision to leave the profession and the different ways to mitigate them

Psychiatric Mental Health Nursing Essay Titles

  1. Treatment strategies for patients with severe cognitive development impairment
  2. Non-chemical treatment plans for ADHD patients
  3. Communication challenges when caring for patients with ASD
  4. Risk factors of anorexia nervosa in teenagers
  5. Patient care plans and family education for patients with Alzheimer’s
  6. Epigenetic factors in bipolar personality disorder
  7. How to recognize signs and help patients suffering from domestic abuse
  8. Emotional support for sexual violence survivors
  9. Techniques for reducing PTSD
  10. Cognitive hypnotherapy for managing pains of psychosomatic genesis
  11. Mental health treatment and regulations in the United States

Patient Safety and Ethics Nursing Titles

  1. Respecting the personal boundaries of patients and effective communication
  2. The ethical dilemmas of gender dynamics within the chain of command
  3. Implicit bias: Culture and Race in the Relationship between Patients and nurses
  4. Ethical questions of gender and patient’s identity
  5. Ethics behind the nursing uniform and dress code
  6. The ethical issues surrounding providing care for the homeless
  7. Women’s health and anatomy: the ethics in gynecological care
  8. Ethics of infertility treatment
  9. Ethics of patient data collection and management
  10. Ethical use of restraints in patients with severe mental health issues
  11. Ethics of geriatric care
  12. Ethical dilemmas of euthanasia

Trauma and Acute Care Nursing Titles

  1. CPR procedure for trauma patients
  2. Treatment of patients admitted with anaphylaxis
  3. Initial care for burns of different origins
  4. Types of wound dressing
  5. Ways of treating broken toes without limiting the mobility of the patient
  6. Use of mirror for rehabilitation after brain injury
  7. Assistant and communication to stroke patients with impaired speech and motor functions
  8. The primary assessment of head injury severity
  9. Rehabilitation of regaining motor functions after a spine injury
  10. Pain management plans for post-surgery patients
  11. Management of pain in severely injured patients
  12. Critical thinking under pressure: ER triage decision.

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