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Question 1.In 4 to 5 sentences explain in general how a court would use the precedent cases above in future disputes over the interpretation of a “reasonable time” to reject goods. Questions 2 to 5.


For each of the scenarios, the question for the court is whether or not the rejection of the non-conforming goods was made within a reasonable time.  Explain how you think that the case might turn out and how the precedent would support that outcome.  If you think that either outcome is possible, explain how a court would use precedent to support each of those outcomes.

In most cases you should be able to give good, complete responses with no more than 4 or 5 sentences to each scenario.  Assume that the judges will follow precedent (won’t make a decision that contradicts the decided cases).  Take all the facts as correct.  For the precedent cases, you know only what is stated above.  You do not know exactly which aspect(s) of the facts was most important to the judge in deciding if the rejection was done within a reasonable time or not. Get Business Law homework help today

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