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As you continue to help Ima at Getta Byte, Consider the following questions for the Getta Bill project. How should

the risks be prioritized? Who should do the prioritization of the project risks? How should project risks be monitored and controlled? Who should develop risk responses and contingency plans? Who should own these responses and plans?



Getta Byte Software Risk Management We need a risk management plan for our project. We are meeting to brainstorm what the risks could be. I don’t like talking about risks. It makes them come true. No, it doesn’t. It helps us decide what to do if something goes wrong. Network capacity could be a problem during data transfer. Great start! Let me get it into the risk register. Let’s think about a possible response to avoid, mitigate, transfer, or accept these risks. We still need to do qualitative analysis to decide probability and impact. Not today, my brain hurts. The end.

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