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A research paper is an academic writing that provides a comprehensive analysis, and clear interpretations and makes claims based on relevant in-depth independent research. The key distinction between an academic essay and a research paper is that a research report is usually more detailed and longer, and is meant to not only access the writing […]

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A research paper is an academic writing that provides a comprehensive analysis, and clear interpretations and makes claims based on relevant in-depth independent research. The key distinction between an academic essay and a research paper is that a research report is usually more detailed and longer, and is meant to not only access the writing skills of a student but also the skills relevant for scholarly research.

Writing a research report requires an individual to showcase a comprehensive understanding of the topic, engage various academic and relevant sources, and provide relevant and ample contributions to the existing debate on the same. It is because of this that Acemyhomework Writers creates time online to provide you with an elaborate guide on how to write a research report. This is a step-by-step guide from understanding the assignment to editing and proofreading the final draft for submission.

How To Write a Research Report Step-By-Step

You can never wake up and embark on writing a research report. You must have a suitable plan to ensure coherence, continuity, and easy flow of thoughts and you keep the deadline for submission in mind. The following are the essential steps you must keep in mind:

  1. Understand the assignment
  2. Select the research report topic
  3. Carry out preliminary research
  4. Create a thesis statement
  5. Develop a research report outline
  6. Write a first draft of the research report
  7. Write the introduction
  8. Write a compelling and comprehensive body
  9. Write the conclusion
  10. The conclusion
  11. Write the second draft
  12. Revision-editing and proofreading

ü  Understand The Assignment

For a research report to be successful, one has to finish the precise tasks set out by the academic instructor. Before you commence the whole writing process, ensure that you comprehensively understand the report task sheet:

  • Read the instructions carefully and identify any confusing words that would require clarification from the professor.
  • Identify the goal, deadline, and specifications on length, format, and mode of submitting the assignment.
  • Note all your key points in bullets, and mark all the points you have worked on before writing.

Always have the time frame in the back of your head and the word limit. Be as realistic as possible.

ü  Select a Research Report Topic

There are several ways to generate the best ideas for your research report. This can be from having a discussion with a professor or fellow student to brainstorming with pen and paper. Also, you can attempt free writing. Free writing entails selecting a topic with a wide scope and continuously writing for two to three minutes as you identify any relevant and interesting information. Additionally, you can draw inspiration from conducting research. The recommendations or discussion section of a research report entails making references from scholarly sources on specific topics or subjects.

ü  Carry Out Preliminary Research

Highlight any discussions that are key to the report topic, and try to find any relevant issues that you can base the paper on. Use several sources, reliable and approved academic websites, and books, to ensure that you capture all relevant information. Moreover, do not only rely on ideas you have in mind but also look for some sources that contrast your perspective.

  • Are there debates that you can address?
  • Do have any special ideas on the same?
  • Are there current happenings around the topic?

Embrace creativity and answer all questions that pop up in the course of the research.

ü  Create a Thesis Statement

A thesis statement provides the basis of your argument as it establishes the position and purpose of your paper. Your thesis statement should answer your research question. Additionally, it should show the reasoning and evidence you will use to support claims and answers. Lastly, your thesis statement should be short and precise.

ü  Develop a Research Report Outline

A research report outline is basically a list of critical topics, claims, and evidence you will use in the report, divided into parts with headings so that you can roughly tell what the research paper will look like before the writing process. Having a suitable structure can help make the writing process efficient and helps in managing time.

ü  Write a First Draft of The Research Report

The first drafts of the research paper are never perfect since there is a need to polish the whole work once you are done writing. The key priorities of the first draft include:

  • Ensuring a forward momentum which entails writing at the moment while making final touches to ensure perfection later.
  • Ensure the work is clearly organized in a logical way to ensure the flow of thoughts, sentences, and paragraphs.
  • Clear and comprehensively express your ideas. Having clear ideas makes it easy for you to know what you are talking about when doing your final draft.

At this point, do not delete the various large sections of text. Keep all ideas and write them all down.

ü  Write The Introduction

The introduction of your research paper should address three key questions: why, what, and how? As soon as you are done writing the introduction, the readers should tell what the research is about, why the paper is worth reading, and how you will establish your arguments and claims. Be precise on the topic of the research paper, clearly introduce the background, and define all the key concepts or terms.

ü  Write a Compelling and Comprehensive Body

Most students find it challenging organizing information presented in the research paper, thus, an outline is key. One of the major ways you can stay on track is the use the thesis stamen and topic sentence. Always check the topic sentences against the thesis statement, check the sentences against each other for logical ordering and similarities, and lastly, check every sentence against the topic sentence of the same paragraph.

ü  Write The Conclusion

The conclusion of your research paper is meant to help the readers out of the argument of the paper by providing them with a sense of finality. Provide a summary of your key points while linking them to your thesis statement. Afterward, write the second draft of the paper as you ensure there is correct grammar. Lastly, proofread the whole paper to ensure coherence before submitting the paper for grading. Are you still having challenges with writing a comprehensive research report? You should worry no more. Reach out to us at Acemyhomework Writers for more details on how to write a research report.

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