Chemistry questions need help

1.Which of the following reactions involves neither oxidation nor reduction?

 A) N2 + 3H2 → 2NH3

 B) NH4NO2 → N2 + 2H2O

 C) Cu + 2Ag+ → Cu2+ + 2Ag

 D) 2CrO42- + 2H+ → Cr2O72- + H2O

 E) C2H4 + H2 → C2H6

2   Assign oxidation numbers to each atom in nitrous acid.

 A) H = +1, N = +5, O = -1

 B) H = +1, N = +5, O = -2

 C) H = +1, N = +3, O = -1

 D) H = +1, N = +3, O = 0

 E) H = +1, N = +3, O = -2

3.  For the reaction that occurs in a lead storage battery,


Pb(s) + PbO2(s) + 2H+(aq) + 2HSO4-(aq) → 2PbSO4(s) + 2H2O(l) 


the oxidizing agent is

 A) HSO4-

 B) PbSO4

 C) Pb

 D) PbO2

 E) H+



In the balanced equation


3Na+ + 3OH- + P4 + 3H2O → 3Na+ + 3H2OP2- + PH3


what is the reducing agent?

 A) OH-

 B) Na+

 C) H2O

 D) P4

 E) PH3


All of the following reactions are called combination reactions except

 A) BaO(s) + SO2(g) → BaSO3(s)

 B) C6H10(l) + Br2(l) → C6H10Br2(l)

 C) Br2(l) + H2O(l) → HOBr(aq) + HBr(aq)

 D) CaCl2(s) + 6H2O(l) → CaCl2 • 6H2O(s)

 E) 3H2(g) + N2(g) → 2NH3(g)

6.Which of the following is not an Arrhenius base?


 B) NH3

 C) LiOH

 D) Sr(OH)2

 E) Mg(OH)2


7.  Which of the following is a strong acid in aqueous solution?

 A) HC2H3O2

 B) HCl

 C) HClO2

 D) H2S

 E) HClO


8  Which of the following reactions is not an acid-base reaction?

 A) CaO + SiO2 → CaSiO3

 B) CH3CHO + H2 → CH3CH2OH

 C) PO43- + H2O → HPO42- + OH-

 D) Na2O + SO3 → Na2SO4

 E) BF3 + NH3 → F3BNH3  


9.  All the following are oxidation-reduction reactions except

 A) H2(g) + F2 → 2HF(g)

 B) Ca(s) + H2(g) → CaH2(s)

 C) 2K(s) + 2H2O(l) → 2KOH(aq) + H2(g)

 D) 6Li(s) + N2(g) → 2Li3N(s)

 E) Mg3N2(s)+ 6H2O(l) → 3Mg(OH)2(s) + 2NH3(g)


10.  Which of the following is best described as an oxidation-reduction reaction?

 A) SO2(g) + H2O(l) → H2SO3(aq)

 B) 2Cl(g) → Cl2(g)

 C) 3O2(g) → 2O3(g)

 D) 2NO2(g) → N2O4(g)

 E) SO2(g) + O2(g) → SO3(g)



A 12.0g sample of NaOH is dissolved in water, and the solution is diluted to give a final volume of 1.80 L. The molarity of the final solution is

 A) 6.67 M

 B) 0.167 M

 C) 0.300 M

 D) 0.150 M

 E) 1.85 M


How many grams of lithium nitrate, LiNO3 (68.9 g/mol), are required to prepare 511.5 mL of a 0.101 M LiNO3 solution?

 A) 0.000750 g

 B) 3.56 g

 C) 0.281 g

 D) 349 g

 E) 0.0735 g


Which substance would produce 2 mol of particles per mole of solute when dissolved in water?


 B) CH2O

 C) CO2

 D) SO2

 E) Al(NO3)3

14.  What mass of H3PO4 (98 g/mol) is present in 59.7 L of a 0.0438 M solution of H3PO4?

 A) 0.0267 g

 B) 0.00390 g

 C) 2.56 x 102 g

 D) 1.34 x 105 g

 E) 13.9 g


15.  Which of the following is a correct statement of Charle’s law,  

 A) The volume of a gas varies proportionally with the pressure.

 B) The volume of a gas sample varies directly with the absolute temperature.

 C) All gas samples of the same volume at STP contain the same number of atoms.

 D) The pressure of a gas sample varies inversely with the volume.

 E) All gas samples of the same volume at STP contain the same number of molecules.


16.  The density of a gas is 3.48 g/L at STP. What is its molar mass?

 A) 115.7 g/mol

 B) 104.7 g/mol

 C) 6.4 g/mol

 D) 22.4 g/mol

 E) 78.0 g/mol


17.  What volume of ammonia gas, measured at 455.9 mmHg and 57.4°C, is required to produce 2.78 g of ammonium sulfate according to the following balanced chemical equation? 


2NH3(g) + H2SO4(aq) → (NH4)2SO4(s)

 A) 0.000233 L

 B) 0.000931 L

 C) 0.476 L

 D) 7.38 L

 E) 1.90 L


18.  Calcium nitrate will react with ammonium chloride at slightly elevated temperatures, as represented in the equation


Ca(NO3)2(s) + 2NH4Cl(s) → 2N2O(g) + CaCl2(s) + 4H2O(g) 


What is the maximum volume of N2O at STP that could be produced using a 2.40-mol sample of each reactant?

 A) 6.55 x 102 L

 B) 108 L

 C) 1.86 x 10-2 L

 D) 53.8 L

 E) 22.4 L


19.  What is the partial pressure of carbon dioxide in a container that contains 7.64 mol of oxygen, 1.68 mol of nitrogen, and 1.42 mol of carbon dioxide when the total pressure is 529 mmHg?

 A) 376 mmHg

 B) 80.6 mmHg

 C) 82.7 mmHg

 D) 69.9 mmHg

 E) 529 mmHg



A sample of hydrogen was collected by water displacement at 23.0°C and an atmospheric pressure of 735 mmHg. Its volume is 568 mL. After water vapor is removed, what volume would the hydrogen occupy at the same conditions of pressure and temperature? (The vapor pressure of water at 23.0°C is 21 mmHg.)

 A) 509 mL

 B) 539 mL

 C) 552 mL

 D) 568 mL

 E) 585 mL



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