Community Health Assignment

Community Health

  1. Cardiovascular Disease. Choose a population demographic (Latino, elderly, LGBTQ, homeless, women, etc).
    1. How does Cardiovascular Disease effect this community, compared to others? What contributes to their rates? Cite your sources.
    2. Find 2 specific examples of prevention programs or other activities aimed at reducing cardiovascular disease.  Cite these, or propose your own!
  2. Global Health.  Choose a country that interests you, other than the United States.
    1. Identify the country. What are the top 3 leading causes of death in that country?  What are the top 3 causes of disability? What might contribute to these kinds of issues in that country?  Cite your sources.
    2. Look up the “Healthcare Access and Quality Index” score for that country.  Where does it rank compared to other countries.  What is the life expectancy for men and women? What is the infant mortality rate? Cite your sources.

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