Constitution Law Colby

Constitution Law Colby

In trying to maintain stability in the post-colonial African country, I attempted to consider Constitutions from more than one particular country and era. One option that appeared to be a viable solution to maintain stability and ensure equal representation to all three groups would be to construct a Triumvirate similar to that incorporated by the late Roaman Republic. In theory the country would be led by three prominate politicans from each ethnic group along with a Congress comprised with an equal number of seats represented by the three ethnic groups. A judicial branch would also need to be created to ensure that laws were properly ajudicated. Incorporating a three headed government into the Constitution would be a way to also ensure that no one group had more power and authority than the other as well as ensuring that the individual heads would be able to represent their group. In addition when decisions needed to be made at least two leaders had to be in agreement to best represent the masses, so a decision would always need to be made. However the first Triumvirate which included the Greek Leaders Julius Caesar, Pompey, and Marcus Licinius Crassus did not exactly go as planned. Again this is just a theory outside of  using the early U.S. Constitution which was not without flaw in terms of who was considered equal and how slaves would be added into the equation, it was a compromise for the day to unite the colonies.

Some of the advantages of  possessing a written consitution similar to the United States would be the creation of a checks and balance system. Having a executive, legislative and judicial system is critical in ensuring that a country does not fall into anarchy because it lacked a strong central government. In addition, being apart of the S-Z group, the 3 percent population would make out fairly well if they had a promient politician represent them in the triumvirate. The 3 percent group could be tricky if not handled properly. In the past leaders have placed the majority of a regions power to the smaller group which in turn controlled the greatest power and did not divide it amongst the group.

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