Constitution Law Jason

Constitution Law Jason

My role as the leader of the country is to advocate for the type of constitution I believe would be best for our country. Our country has experienced separation, but this is a time to come together as a unified whole. To support this unity, I have chosen to adopt a written constitution as the United States has. In fact, the majority of the countries in the world have a written constitution. My goal is for our country to reach as close of a consensus as we can on what the rights of our citizens are, and how we can utilize our government to protect those rights. Not just the rights of the privileged or majority, but to protect the equal rights of all. I would like to share with you what led me to this conclusion.

There are pros and cons to having a written constitution as the United States does. Prior to 1777, the U.S. operated based on the Articles of Confederation, where more power was granted to the individual states than to the federal government. States were fighting and even at a state level, an uprising was occuring. One of the pros of having a written constitution is one overarching code that guides how the rest of the government functions and what rights are protected no matter what area of the country someone is in. This maintains consistency and order, which is important when there can be such polarization within a diverse society. The constitution was also written in a way that still left room for interpretation, meaning it can live on and still apply regardless of changes in society. While there are benefits, this does not mean a written constitution is perfect. The constitution was written a very long time ago, and the U.S. is a much different place now than it was then. Our written constitution is difficult to amend, and that may be a drawback. This is why some places, such as the United Kingdom, have an unwritten constitution that can be changed quicker and easier as times change. There are methods of checks and balances in either types of government that both the U.S. and UK outline in their styles of constitutions. Despite any drawbacks, the United States’ constitution has weathered over 300 years of change and lends itself to stability.

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