Article Critique

Article Critique

Article CritiqueArticle critique are susceptible papers to write. It is because critiquing a piece of work that has been written by a famous author is nerve-wracking. However, with the right materials and shills on how to write a journal article critique, these assignments are easy to nail.

Steps on How to Write an Article Critique

Here are easy steps to help you when writing an article critique;

Read and re-read the introduction segment of the article

An opening contains vital information, such as the thesis statement and the hypothesis. As you read the introduction, try asking yourself questions such as; Has the author clearly stated the hypothesis? Is essential background information and previous research included? Is the opening appealing and captivating the attention of the reader? The answers to these questions will be very handy in your critique.

Read the methodology segment of the article

The methodology section highlights the methods that were used in data collection. As you scrutinize this art, ask yourself questions such as; Is the study protocol outlined clearly in this section? Are the variables the researchers are measuring clear? Are the data tools and instruments feasible? Remember to answer the questions as you are reading the article.

Evaluate the results section of the report

It is crucial to scrutinize this segment thoroughly. Ask yourself questions such as; Are all tables and graphs used clearly labeled? Are they an accurate reflection of the data collected? Have the researchers provided competent statistical information? Did the researchers receive all of the data required to measure the variables stipulated? These answers will provide vital information when you are writing your final critique.

Scrutinize the discussion segment of the article

The discussion section contains the interpretation of the data collected. Try and ask questions such as; How did the researchers interpret the results of the research? Do the findings support their hypothesis? Are the conclusions drawn by the researchers reasonable? The discussion will help you take a position in your critique.

Tips on How to Write a Convincing Article Critique

Indicate both a negative and positive critique

Most students tend only to use the negative analysis. It is essential also to give some positive features that will dilute the overall impressions of the article.

Do not provide excessive background information

Majority of the readers already know what the report entails and who wrote the piece. Thus, do not spend too much time and energy on explaining or highlighting information on the theme, the biography, or even the publishing details. Moreover, the reader is more curious about reading your take on the article and critique.

Include a primary argument

Many students forget to include the central case and instead tend to summarize the entire article. Evidently, the central claim is a vital part of your critique and needs to be added at the beginning of your paper, as a means of telling the reader what your position on the subject is.

Critique the stylistic elements used

Do not overlook the literary and formal techniques that the author has used in their article. Concentrate on areas that have vague choices of words and also on the writer`s tone in the report.