Piagets Cognitive Development Theory Assignment

Piagets Cognitive Development Theory

Review this week’s Learning Resources on Piaget’s cognitive development theory. Pay particular attention to the description of each state of cognitive development. Consider a favorite toy or game you played with during childhood or adolescence. Using Piaget’s theory, identify the stage of development you were in when you played with this toy or game. How did the skills evident in that stage affect how you played with your toy or game?

By Day 3

Post a response to the following:

Piagets Cognitive Development TheoryDescribe your favorite toy or game as a child. Indicate at which cognitive stage of development you were when you played with this toy and explain how your play reflected that stage of cognitive development. Provide scholarly citations and references to support your post. approx. 300 words with cites/references. Get Argumentative Essay Outline Service with Acemyhomework 

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