Which of the following is the appropriate behavior to assure password security and confidentiality of information?

Which of the following is the appropriate behavior to assure password security and confidentiality of information?
A You may use your co-worker’s password to access the computer system.
B To quickly enter the system, all staff can use a generic password, posted near the computer.
C You should exit out of the system before leaving the workstation.
D You may look up your own and your family’s medical information on the computer system.
2.  Q: Measures to help calm a potentially violent person include the following except:
A Give full attention to the person.
B Position yourself for a safe exit.
C Keep very close to the person.
D Speak in a calm voice and be aware of your body language.
3.  Q: When a disaster response is required, staff should:
A Report to the parking garage.
B Remove their ID’s.
C Follow their department specific disaster response plan.
D Use the telephones and elevators for non-emergency needs.
4.  Q: Which of the following is an example of an electrical hazard in the workplace?
A Pulling on electrical cords to unplug the equipment.
B A frayed cord with exposed wires.
C The combination of a metal bed frame, wet bedding and faulty wiring.
D A and B only.
E All of the above
5.  Q: You need to plug in a piece of office equipment. What color receptacle/s should you use?
A Red
B White
C Orange
D Gray/Brown
E The closet outlet — color doesn’t matter.
6.  Q: Be sure that the medical equipment that you use:
A Has a current inspection sticker placed by Clinical Engineering.
B Is in proper working condition.
C Is taken out of service if not working properly, labeled with the problem and sent for repair.
D You have been trained to use.
E All of the above.
7.  Q: Medical equipment brought in by an inpatient should:
A Be switched as soon as possible to hospital equipment that the staff is trained to use.
B Be used throughout their hospital stay.
C Be stored in Human Resources for safekeeping.
D Be inspected by an outside vendor.
8.  Q: What should an employee who discovers a fire at work do second?
A Rescue/remove anyone in immediate danger.
B Alert others by activating the alarm.
C Contain the fire.
D Extinguish the fire.
9.  Q: What step is missing from the following procedure for the operation of a fire extinguisher? Break the seal, Aim the hose at the base of the fire, Squeeze the handle, Sweep.
A Remove the cap.
B Insert the pin.
C Pull the pin.
D Shake the container.
10.  Q: The following information can be found on MSDS sheet:
A How to clean up a chemical spill.
B First aid measures.
C Exposure controls and personal protection.
D All of the above.
11.  Q: In most areas there is a process to keep regulated and non-regulated medical waste separated. How is this accomplished?
A Regulated medical waste is placed in clear bags and non-regulated medical waste is placed in red bags.
B Regulated medical waste is placed in red bags and non-regulated medical waste is placed in clear bags.
C In some areas red bags are only kept in rooms where there is a large volume of bodily fluids or in a general area such as a soiled utility room
D Both B and C are correct.
12.  Q: Products containing mercury should be:
A Placed in bags in the soiled utility room.
B Tossed in the regular trash.
C Placed in red bags with regulated medical waste.
D Labeled and separated in your department for pick up.
13.  Q: A basic principle of Universal Precautions/Universal Body Substance Precautions is:
A To consider all body fluids potentially dangerous.
B To wear gloves at all times.
C To keep patient’s room doors closed at all times.
D To place all patients with infections in isolation.
14.  Q: The most important method to prevent the spread of infection is:
A Isolation procedures
B Ultraviolet light
C Adequate room ventilation
D Hand washing
15.  Q: Unless no alternative is feasible, contaminated needles and sharps shall NOT be:
A Recapped or removed
B Bent or broken
C Sheared
D All of the above
16.  Q: Given no feasible alternative, bending, recapping or needle removal must be accomplished through the use of a mechanical device or a one-handed technique.
17.  Q: Appropriate containers for contaminated, reusable sharps are:
A Puncture resistant
B Labeled or color coded
C Leak proof
D All of the above
18.  Q: If you experience a needle stick or other exposure to blood or body fluids, which of the following should be done?
A Immediately cleanse the affected area.
B Report the exposure to the hospital’s employee health service and complete the appropriate accident forms.
C Notify your supervisor/manager.
D Follow the procedure for blood/body fluid exposure.
E Notify Virtual of the incident.
F All of the above.
19.  Q: Which hospital employees are required to protect the confidentiality of HIV? AIDS related information?
A Physicians, nurse, nurse practitioners and physician assistants
B Billing department employees
C Secretaries
D Outreach workers
E All of the above
20.  Q: What can you do to protect patient confidentiality?
A Talk about patients only to those who “need to know” in order to deliver effective care
B Talk about patients only at home or with friends.
C Leave the medical record available to the patient’s family and friends.
D Leave patient information on the computer screen
21.  Q: Which of the following are patient’s rights?
A The right to know the name, function and position of any hospital employee.
B The right to receive emergency care if needed.
C The right to receive considerate and respectful care in a clean and safe environment, free from unnecessary restraints.
D The right to refuse treatment.
E All of the above
22.  Q: Which statement is true regarding a health care proxy?
A It allows a person to appoint someone they trust to decide about medical care and treatment if they lose the ability to decide for themselves.
B It allows another designated person to make medical decisions for you even at times when you are able to make your own decisions.
C Once written, it cannot be revoked.
D It only lists the person’s wishes for health care options when they lose the ability to make such decisions.
23.  Q: Which statement is true in most acute care organizations about DNR orders?
A They must be reviewed at certain periodic intervals.
B The patient or health care proxy can revoke them at any time.
C They are discussed in the organization’s policy manual in detail.
D All of the above
24.  Q: Each employee is responsible for:
A Complying with applicable laws, regulations and contractual agreements.
B Reporting any acts of non-compliance.
C Ethical conduct
D All of the above
25.  Q: Which of the following statements regarding the reporting of a child abuse incident is true?
A Report to Child Protective Services (or Agency) by telephone immediately
B Submit a written report to same within 36 hours of incident
C All of the above
26.  Q: Which of the following statements regarding the reporting of an elder abuse incident is true?
A For long term care facilities, report incident to LTC Ombudsman or local law enforcement agency immediately
B All elder abuse must be reported to a local law enforcement agency or to the County APS (Adult Protective Services) office
C All of the above
27.  Q: Which of the following statements regarding the reporting of a domestic violence or violent injury is NOT true?
A Report incident immediately, or as soon as practically possible, by telephone to local law enforcement agency
B Within two working days, a written report must be submitted to local law enforcement agency.
C Talk to your supervisor the next day.
28.  Q: What is considered professional misconduct?
A Having a valid license.
B Practicing while impaired by alcohol, drugs, physical or mental disability.
C Utilizing appropriate infection control techniques.
D Only delegating activities within the scope of the unlicensed staff member’s
job description.
E All of the above
29.  Q: If any employee does not wish to participate in the care or treatment of a patient based on ethical, religious or cultural beliefs, the employee:
A Needs to request to be excused from providing care or treatment.
B Should ensure that patient care is not compromised.
C Follow the procedures of the institution regarding reporting of the situation
D All of the above
30.  Q: An adverse drug reaction is defined as a response to a medication that is undesired, unintended or unexpected in doses recognized in accepted medical practice that result in the following except:
A Shorter hospital stay
B Change in drug therapy
C Discontinuation of the drug
D Emergency room visit
31.  Q: Providing an environment free of sexual harassment is the responsibility of:
A All staff
B Faculty
C Supervisors/administrators
D All of the above
Please answer the following questions as True or False.
32. True False
AAge specific guidelines means that patients are treated based upon their chronological age only.
33. True False
WWhen caring for the geriatric patients, you should take into consideration that they may have short-term memory loss and loss of visual acuity.
34. True False
TTuberculosis is an airborne disease that must be inhaled and is not easily transmitted.
35. True False
WWhen lifting heavy objects, you should bend at the waist and raise the object up as you are standing up. This places the weight on muscles that are strongest for lifting.
36. True False
Quality assurance and performance improvement are only the responsibilities of the regular hospital personnel and not that of the traveler or agency nurse
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