Writing Research Paper Abstract

Research Paper Abstract 

Research Paper Abstract , If you have been assigned with research paper abstract, no need to get depressed. An abstract is a short summary of your completed paper that serves as an outline. This outline provides general info about the chosen topic and highlights the primary thoughts that have been developed in your essay. The abstract is what should explain your paper clearly and briefly to every reader. If you are looking for tips and advice on how to write an abstract for a research paper, you are happened to reach your destination. This guide will equip you with the necessary knowledge and detailed info on what is an abstract in a paper to make it flawless.

Determine Type of Abstract Required

Though this writing is a simple and brief outline of your work; it can be of two types. These are descriptive and informative. If your mentor requires a specific type, it will be easier for you to start working. But if you are supposed to determine it on your own, you should consider both types and settle down with one the most suitable.

The descriptive type is the best option for you if you go for explanations. Writing a descriptive outline, you should make the purpose, goal and your research methods clear to readers. Avoid details on results and conclusions – those shouldn’t be included in the descriptive summary.

Informative type, on the other hand, requires you to review the results of research and stress on important thoughts you have developed while preparing the paper. The informative summary is longer than descriptive one and should consist of a couple of paragraphs.

What to Include in a Research Paper Abstract?

Once you decided on the type, it’s time to find out what elements are essential to be included in your summary.

  • Purpose. This should be mentioned in every academic paper you write. To define the purpose, you have to answer some questions. Why did you choose this topic? How can your research help the reader? Why is this topic examination important to you and other people? Providing answers to these questions you can create perfect purpose of writing to explain your reader your primary intentions and aspirations.
  • Issue. The problem you decided to examine is the center of attention in your research paper. Thus, it has to be emphasized in your abstract. You have to show how much the problem is important to you and why it is necessary to find a proper solution.
  • Methods. Many students get confused with methods, but it’s not difficult to specify them if you worked thoroughly on your research. Methods are simply the ways you have been developing/looking for solutions for the problem. Maybe you were observing plenty of sources? Or were you gathering info by conducting interviews and questionnaires? Every your step towards revealing some information has to be reflected in the methods. But that doesn’t mean you have to devote a couple of paragraphs to the depiction of methods. Choose three main methods that were used the most and describe them clearly for readers.
  • Results. Mind that results should only be included, if you write informative type. Results are the points or thoughts you have developed in the process of your work. While your research paper should contain a detailed description of results, they have to be explained briefly in the abstract. Stress on essential findings that prove your initial opinion and offer possible solutions for the stated problem.
  • Conclusions. Finishing, you have to emphasize on conclusion paragraph for research paper that prove the importance of your writing. You can address some major findings and restate the topicality of the research. Also, add how the results you obtained can change the situation and help scholars proceed in their examinations of the issue.

Formatting the Research Paper Abstract

Regardless of your mentor’s requirements, all the academic assignments you prepare have to be formatted properly with our research paper abstract format guide. Don’t forget the main rule: your abstract should be clear even for the person who hasn’t read your research. To ensure that, don’t include any abbreviations, acronyms or complicated terms in summary.

Writing Research Paper AbstractThe purpose of writing an abstract is to outline the general points, not to delve into long explanations and descriptions. You don’t have to add any tables, charts, and diagrams – they will burden the perception of your text. If you need tables in your paper, it’s better to include them in the research part.

Make sure your abstract is related to the topic. Check whether you used some key phrases that are primary elements of your topic. Revise the whole text to eliminate slightest mistakes.

And the last but not least, ask someone to read what you have written aloud and listen to how the text sounds, also you can ask a professional paper editor for assistance. You will have the opportunity to look at your writing from other viewpoint and hear the opinion of the unbiased person.

Guarantee Yourself a Successful Outcome

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